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How are satellites used to track GPS watches?

GPS watches use GPS satellites to track the distance and speed of your movement. Whether you are walking or biking, GPS satellites will pick signals and calculate the speed and distance. You will get to know your average speed and best speed as well. These watches must sustain minimum four satellite signals to calculate your specific location.

Recent Advancements

Today’s GPS watches can connect to twenty satellite signals simultaneously. GPS watches drain lot of power from its batteries.You can use the watch for 8 to 12 hours without any interruption. When you are using the standard sports functions, you can turn off the GPS. The watches can work in power saving modes also. You don’t need to update your location information. You can configure your GPS watch accordingly. Most GPS tracking devices for kids have these same issues.


With GPS watches you can go anywhere on earth. You can record exactly how much effort you give during your workouts. You will know how many results you will get from various types of workouts instantly. With your GPS watch, you can also get navigation option and weather updates.

Developments in GPS Tech

GPS technology has revolutionalized the way we move around in our planet. There is a network of 24 satellites which circle the earth in tracked orbits. They synchronize and broadcast signals the same time. By picking up at least three signals, the GPS in your watch can calculate your position, speed, and distance.

Manufacturers are trying to build more sophisticated GPS watches which will provide many additional functionalities. With GPS technology, customized ad campaigns can be designed that are for specific users and specific locations. Your wrist watch can now contain much position-based information. It lets you find your position anywhere on earth.


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